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Today in History - May 25

Constitutional Convention
Opened in Philadelphia with George Washington as president, 1787.

RalphWaldoEmerson, American author, born 1803.

IgorSikorsky, An aircraft designer and manufacturer was born in 1889 in Kiev, Russian Empire (now Ukraine).

African Freedom Day

ArgentinaRevolutionDay Commemorates the revolt against Spanish rule in 1810.

Jordandeclared its independence from the United Kingdom, 1946.

Tips to Motivate


    A sense of being inadequate or not quite good enough is a common issue that nearly everyone of us have encountered at one point or the other. To effectively rid yourself of these feelings, there are simple practical steps that needs to be undertaken.

1.  Take an honest assessment of yourself, stating your character and body strengths and flaws, accomplishments, skills and talents. It is very important to be honest with this assessment or else, it shouldn't be done at all. Tell yourself the truth about your flaws and weaknesses, and draw strength from your accomplishments and skills. Do not be daunted by any flaws you may find; After all, everybody has their share of flaws, most people are just really good at hiding theirs. Begin to work at eliminating bad habits and character you can change, and accept that you can't and shouldn't change everything about yourself. Concentrate instead on developing your skills and talents.